5 Minutes with God

Do you think you could spend 24 hours in prayer with God?
These days it’s hard to find a spare minute to do anything let alone an entire hour.
The interesting thing about time with God is that its the same as exercise.
You don’t feel or see the results from one exercise session.  It takes a few…or a bunch 🙂
But all of that effort (or time) adds up and you begin to feel the benefits.
In fact, you may feel like a new person.  And you should!
To get one full day with God per year, you’ll only have to spend 4 minutes per day with Him.
This year as you work to build a “new you” by focusing on your health, don’t neglect your Spiritual Health. Spend 4 minutes, even 5 with God in prayer. 
Here’s one to get you started >
Jesus, Please help me this day to take a few minutes to spend time with you. Let me see reflections of you and your love in different areas of my life throughout this day. In your Holy Name AMEN!
Only 23hrs and 55mins to go….

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