Are you a Hall of Famer?

The Pro-Football Hall of Fame and National Baseball Hall of Fame have a lot in common. Their inductees are people who have contributed something great to their sport. It may be on the field through demonstrating superhuman like skills, or possibly on the sidelines or in the dugout due to a history of excellence in strategy and player development.
These people are memorialized and remembered for the sum of their accomplishments. Not merely in appreciation for what they did for their sport, but also as a reminder that the people who walk the halls of fame that they too can achieve greatness.
The Bible has it’s own Hall of Fame. In Hebrews Ch. 11 we are provided with a “Hall of Faith”. The individuals listed here, both Men and Women, are highlighted for their faith in God in the face of difficult circumstances.
On Sunday evenings, we are walking through the book of Exodus. This book details how Moses lead the journey of the Israelites from their slavery in Egypt to the point where God Himself filled their camp in the tabernacle.
Its no wonder that he is listed in Hebrews 11:23. But what we don’t often thing of is that those in Canton, OH (Football HOF) and Cooperstown, NY (Baseball HOF) were not without any faults. They had good days and bad days. But the sum of their lives and contributions is what was important.
Moses had his share of faults and rough times.
  • He was abandoned as a baby. – Exodus 2:3
  • He was a murderer. – Exodus 2:12
  • He lacked courage. – Exodus 4:1
  • He had a speech disability. – Exodus 4:10
  • He was too old to be useful. – (Moses was 80 when God called him) – Acts 7:23 & 7:30
But there is not a problem GOD can’t fix, in fact, he used Moses to work miracles and lead his people out of Egypt. The total sum of his life and devotion to GOD is why he is in the Hall of Faith. God doesn’t focus on the time or two that you fell, he celebrates the entirety of your devotion to him.
So maybe today you are thinking that your not good enough for GOD, You are right! Even though you’ve had rough days and fallen down in your walk with God, it’s not too late to get up. HE is waiting for YOU to look for HIM through your weakness, so HE can show up big time.
Prayer: Lord Jesus, Today help me to pick myself up when I stumble. I know I can do this on my own. Take my weaknesses and use them for your kingdom. I don’t want to be know by the number of times I’ve fallen, but for the sum total of the times I got up and walked with you. AMEN.

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    So TRUE! AMEN!

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